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Ft. Worth's Premier Custom Hot Rod Shop

Murray Kustom Rods can handle your custom hot rod needs at any stage of your project. Whether you need a full build-up of a car/truck, custom fabrication work, or repairs on your existing creation, we are Fort Worth's premier custom hot rod shop—we can help you build the hot rod of your dreams. Murray Kustom Rods' talented staff brings many, many years of combined expertise to every project we undertake. The results are durable, reliable, and race-proven. Our services include:

  • Chassis - Full chassis and body mockup
  • Fabrication - Precise custom metal fabrication
  • Body - Chopped tops & sectioning
  • Aesthetics - Rust repair & restoration
  • Sheet Metal - Custom forming & shaping
  • Parts - Rare parts repair & fabrication
  • Pans & Panels - Installation of floor pans, rocker panels, trunk pans, & quarter panels
  • Trim - Shaved door handles
  • Lights - Frenched headlights & tailights

"Heath Murray is a humble, polite, soft-spoken guy, even in the midst of the buzz and bustle constantly surrounding him in his shop. Yet there is one thing he's obviously quite firm about: his commitment to quality and perfection in his and his staff's work. From his proficiency at fabricating rare, hard-to-find parts on his own machinery to his ability to transform a concept on his CAD screen into a gorgeous muscle car roaring to life on his parking lot, there is some truly amazing work happening at Murray Kustom Rods. I once told Heath that he and his team should have their own TV show on the History Channel, which he brushed off with a self-effacing chuckle. Nonetheless, you're going to see outstanding results if Murray Kustom Rods is involved in your project." --Brian Burns